270 Oia's View

270 Oia's View

270 Oia’s View is a complex of 7 Villas with private swimming pools looking over the Aegean islands, the picturesque village of Oia and the famous Sunset....
The volumetric and morphological approach to the traditional local residential architecture along with the use of natural materials and bright colours blend effortlessly with the unique scenery of Santorini.


Προσφορά για τους επισκέπτες του Santorini Experience: 

Έκπτωση 30% - (4 διανυκτερεύσεις  από 4/10 έως 8/10)

House II εως 8 άτομα

Ηouse III εως 8 άτομα

House IV εως 6 άτομα

Cavehouse VII εως 4 άτομα

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Οία, Σαντορίνη.