Fanouris Condo

Fanouris Condo

n the historic village of Kamari, a picturesque traditional village away from the tourist area, my father settled to build a hotel. This was around the time i was born, just a few meters from where we lived. I started helping my father from a very young age,, and the hotel became my playground during my childhood. The building still carries my father’s name, Fanouris Condo.

Today you can still experience how the locals live, and walk in the narrow streets where i used to play as a kid and no car can squeeze itself through. We have fully renovated and modernized the hotel, which is now four eco-friendly bio-climatic apartments with respect for the history and traditions of the village.

Everything from our spacious rooms to exterior walls, windows and doors are decorated in traditional Greek white and pale blue colors, referring to the white beaches and deep blue water  surrounding our island.

We strive to make all our guests feel as much at home here as we do by offering the Mediterranean charm with modern conveniences and comfort.

Experience the breathtaking scenery year round, or get some sunshine in the beautiful historical surroundings, by booking your next holiday right here on our website.


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