Somewhere between sun and sea, a fancy complex of twelve spacious studios and apartments sits gazing at the Aegean Sea. MONOLiTHIA, located very close to the center of the island of Santorini but away from the very busy tourist areas. They face the south-eastern side of the island close to the residential area of Monolithos. Looking towards the east one has a panoramic sea view and the island of Anafi can be seen.

The architecture is typical Cycladic, combining natural stone and white walls, but the feel is modern. The studios and apartments have cool, minimalist interiors, with both modern and traditional touches. The main idea for the initial design and the implementation there of was to pay due regard to the bioclimatic architecture of this Cycladic island, therefore using construction materials that are environmentally friendly to the traditional and ecological environment. Τhe use of energy – saving air cooling systems and passive solar heating ensures a minimal environmental impact and is less noisy. Rain water, that falls during the winter period, is collected and used for the swimming pool and the automatic watering of the plants and surrounding gardens.

The general feeling of MONOLiTHIA is friendly, relaxed and unpretentious. And therefore, it does fit right on Santorini Island!

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