Santorini Experience Open Water Swimming
Location: Volcano - Old Port of Fira
Date: 02/05/2015

The distance of “Santorini Experience” is 1.5 miles or 2.4 km

Start/ Finish
The starting line will be in the water in the harbor of the volcano. The finish line will be at the pier of the old port of Fira in specially formatted finish arch. In order to exit a pool ladder will be available.
Along the way there will be many experienced lifeguards and watercrafts for the safety of athletes. If you don’t feel well and you are not able to continue, you may move your hands up and down or move to the nearest watercraft.
* Athletes will be transferred by boat to the starting area.

Rules and regulations
The participants can compete with swimming goggles or mask and swimsuit (wetsuit).
For those who simply want to swim the use of masks-snorkel and flippers is permitted.

Other Information
In “Santorini Experience” there is no timing or age categories.
The athletes should be at the old port at least 1 hour before the scheduled starting time.
The contestants can use the cable car connecting Fira to the old port. In the cable car entrance there will be a list with the first and last names of the contestants.
The viewers could visit the port by stairs or by cable car. They are able to share this unique experience from any part of Fira or Santorini with a view to Caldera.

Volcano - Old Port of Fira

Santorini Experience Trail Run
Location: Oia (Desalination Plant)- Fira- Oia
Date: 03/05/2015

Santorini Experience route is one of the nicest for running, since the magical panoramic views of the volcano, the caldera and colors of volcanic stone, will impress all athletes.
Regarding racing, the elevation changes on all routes 5, 10 and 15 km, will test the endurance and the forces of all participants. The routes don’t have dangerous places but include stairs, gravel, stone paths, and a small asphalt track that will need special attention in downhill tracks for avoiding injuries, especially those who will move in race pace.
The asphalt track is about 500 meters and only for the distance of 10 & 15 km.

The distance of 21 km will be replaced by the distance of 15 km in order to circumvent a path which after the rains is damaged and is not considered safe for the passage of athletes.

The use of trail running shoes is recommended.

In the event there will be no timing or age categories. Everyone who has the will and ability can participate and be part of “Santorini Experience”.

Oia (Desalination Plant)- Fira- Oia

Start/ Finish
The starting and finishing lines are at the same point. Athletes running the 5 km route will make a reversal at the 2.5 km (1st supply station), the athletes of the 10 km route at 5 km (2nd supply station) and the athletes of the long distance of 15 km at 7.5 km (3rd supply station).

Santorini Experience

Detailed description of the route
Route during the first 350 meters starts gently downhill and an uphill path follows for about 1100 meters. Then there is a downhill path up to 2500 meters, during which the participants will enjoy unique pictures of the volcano, the caldera and the village houses of Imerovigli.
Three hundred meters after the first supply station the athletes will find a tarmac track for about 300 meters to get to the second uphill part of the route which takes about 750 meters, in the chapel of St. Anthony.
For the rest of 1000 meters, will move downhill to the second supply station at 5km and the reversal point of the 10 km route.
Then comes the third track uphill for about 1200 meters to Imerovigli. From there, being now within the village for another 1000 meters, reaching the third supply station and the reversal point for the long route, to return the same way to the finishing line.

Supply Stations
There will be provided at every 2.5 km. At high temperatures, be sure to moisturize at each of them.
Please respect the environment and don't throw bottles of water or other trash along the route. There will be bins after each supply station.

Santorini Experience

Receive Numbers / Registrations: The secretary office of the event will be open at the starting line on Sunday 03/05/2015 from 7:30 am until 10:00 am.
On Friday 01/05 and on Saturday 02/05 the athletes will be able to receive their “racing” packet also from the Alafouzos Sport store in Fira. On the day of the event there will be no registrations.

The participations for the event will be accepted until Thursday 30/04/2015 electronically at: or at Alafouzos Sport store in Fira.

Participation fee: 10 euro

Along the way there will be volunteers and staff who will provide support, if needed. If you don’t feel well or have any problem, you may contact the nearest volunteer.

General information
In the event there will be no timing or age categories. Everyone who has the will and ability can participate and be part of “Santorini Experience”.
The athletes who are moving slowly, especially in the narrow paths of the route, are kindly requested to give priority to the faster athletes.
Don't forget to warm up before the start of your race.
Follow your own pace and not get carried away by the rhythm of the other athletes.
Don't risk at any point of the route and pay attention to your taps, especially on downhill routes.
You must be at the starting area at least 1 hour before the scheduled time.
There will be a repository of your personal stuff in the starting/finish line.
Don't throw bottles and other garbage on the route.
Respect and follow the instructions of the people of the organization.


Santorini Municipality and the award-winning Active Media Group co-organize Santorini Experience which includes open water swimming in the Aegean Sea and Half-marathon “Daedalic Kore of Thira” running.
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